This guidance has been designed to help practices:

  • access a free tool to support remote working
  • increase efficiency
  • reduce staff isolation


As part of the home working solution for NHS staff, all staff with a account have been given access to Microsoft Teams.

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Visit for more information.

Top tips for getting started

  1. Get started. Sign-in using your account
  2. Read the information and watch the videos on NHSmail
  3. Set aside part of a practice meeting to get used to using Teams.
  4. Setup Team areas for you and your colleagues.
    1. You can be a member of more than one team.
    2. A Team can be set up for any group of colleagues who need to work together and share information. For example:
      • your whole GP practice
      • the clinical team
      • the admin team
      • nursing network - practice nurses and AHPs across different practices
    3. Contact your local administrator to set this up for you. You will need the email addresses of all your team members. Click here to find your local administrator.
  5. Hold a startup meeting with your team to try it out, before you need it.
  6. Organise your information. You can share and edit documents in Teams, which means that you can all work on the same single copy. Create a folder structure at the beginning and ensure that you file and name documents sensibly. It will make life easier going forward.

MS Teams user guides and information

The NHSmail site also has a range of user guides, click here to access them.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams guides
Screenshot of Microsoft Teams guides

External Resources

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